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Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd.

Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading exporters of Industrial filters & consumables suitable for industrial applications. Our core business is micron & macron filtration of Air, Gas & Liquid for industrial applications.With innovative approach and continuous efforts in application analysis and technical support, the company has grown to owning two offices, three production facilities and one warehouse.

We offer complete filtration technology solutions for various filtration requirements of air, gas & liquid to almost all industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Steel & Power, Cement, Formulations, Fertilizers, Textile, Paints & Inks, Chemicals, Mines & Mineral, Electronics, Water Treatment, & many others. That’s not all, our products adhere to highest international quality standards of manufacturing and meet ISO 9001 standards and the international design standards like ASME, DIN, and BS Standards. Besides, we have wide-spread dealer and distribution network in all major cities in India and across the globe. 

We have a strong customer base of 2000+, which includes Top 500 companies of Indian Economy as well as International clients covered in Fortune 200 Companies. We have achieved these heights with the support of our customers, our team members and our associates who always put their trust in our company and always encourage us to achieve the goals of the company.

Vision: To become a frontrunner Company in Filtration business by providing world class quality products and services to our customers and maintain highest level of customer satisfaction.

Mission: Growth of Company, Employees and Associates by adopting advanced technology, positive attitude, teamwork & innovative approach.

We have infrastructure that facilitates and fortifies every activity and each facet of our business. We have an assemblage of modern gadgetry constantly kept under the vigilance of the technicians for performance appraisal. Apart from this, we have highly trained workers. The entire workforce has been separated into a hierarchical pattern for better efficiency.

We have 3 production facilities for all different manufacturing process.
» Filter systems manufacturing
» Filter elements manufacturing
» Dust collection system

Filter System Manufacturing

Filter system manufacturing unit consists of various different machinery to facilitate all manufacturing under a single roof. We have configured our system of manufacturing in a way that it should not make any deviation in process

Our Systems

» Raw material Inspection
» Soundness of shell
» Assembly for welding joints
» Welding procedure
» Soundness of weld joints
» Hydro Test
» Sand blasting / Internal finishing
» Painting / Finishing depending upon metal to be handle
» Final inspection for market release

We Are Occupied With Following Machinery
» Automatic Bending machines
» Welding machines
» Lathe machines
» Buffing Units

Testing Offered

» Raw material test
» Hydro test
» Pneumatic test
» Helium test
» Nitrogen test
» NDT - Non Destructive Test / Radio Graphy Test
» Sand blasting
» R.A. Value

Filter Element Manufacturing

Like Filter system, Filter elements manufacturing unit consist of various different machinery to facilitate all manufacturing within a single roof. We have configured our system of manufacturing in a way that it should not make any deviation in process

Our Systems

» Raw material Inspection
» Bending of inner & outer cylinder as per design
» Different coating on such cylinders
» Pleating of different media as per requirement
» Process of end caps production
» Assembly of job
» Assembly of joints
- Welding
- Ultrasonic fusing
- Bonding with epoxy based adhesive
» Visual inspection
» Leak test

We Are occupied With Following Machinery:

» Automatic Bending machines
» Welding machines
» Lathe machines
» Pleating machines (to pleat up to 2000 mm width)
» Pleating machines ( for depth of 5 mm to 50 mm)
» Ultrasonic fusing machines for all longitudinal joints & circular joints
» Electrical cutter to maintain adequate heights of filter media before assembly
» Electrical Ovens for curing of filters
» Hot plates for curing of filters

Testing Offered

» Raw material test
» Filter media test
» Leak test

Heavy Fabrication Unit

Heavy Fabrication unit is dedicated to heavy jobs. Here, we manufacture Dust Collection Systems & other heavy units. We are equipped with heavy crane, Welding machines, Grinding machines, painting area & assembly shop.


We, at Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd., have been working towards averting the existence of redundant and superfluous materials, particularly which are infectious in nature and can render air, gas, and liquid pollution. Our company is one of the largest entities dealing in most diverse filtration, separation ,and purification systems in the world. We have been enabled by our technical expertise, product portfolio, and global reach in our consistent efforts to leverage opportunities across industries and geographical boundaries.

We are certified under ISO-9001-2008ISO 14001-2004, OHSAS 18001-2007 & also we are the member of Water Quality Associations. Being an International Standardization Organization, we fabricate our array as per the international standards like ASME, DIN, and BS Standards and our entire gamut are ideal for the filtration of air, gas & liquid.


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